Maryland Industrial Hemp Project

Basic Hemp Tutorial

The purpose for the legislation recently passed (June 2018) is to focus farmers on a powerful new industry that has been evolving in America since the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill that legalized industrial hemp research.  States like Kentucky are using this versatile plant to replace the revenues from their tobacco industry.  There will be many new jobs and companies that will emerge over the next decade and we want everyone to be aware of its promise.

Industrial Hemp has thousands of uses and can be used in things like rope not dope.  Click on the picture below to begin your Hemp education.  All too often individuals in the underserved communities are the last to get involved so HITI is making a special effort to get the word out.

HITI is working with Morgan State University to develop their Research and importation of seeds for Maryland farmers.  Morgan intends to lead the development not merely jump in after the strategic positions have been taken by others.